How to Access Gmail Messages on Other Email Clients

You can now access your messages from Gmail on other Email clients, like MS Outlook, Apple Mail, etc. using IMAP and POP. IMAP can be used on multiple devices. All the emails are synced in real time. But, POP can be used only on a single device. And moreover, emails aren’t synced in real time. Instead, they will be downloaded.

Start accessing your Gmail by setting up IMAP/POP

Initially check whether IMAP is turned on or not. If it is in disabled mode, turn it on-

Step 1: Open Gmail on your PC

Step 2: On the top right corner, click on Settings

Step 3: Click the Forwarding and POP/IMAP option

Step 4: In “IMAP Access” section, select Enable IMAP option. Else on the “POP Download” section, choose Enable POP for all mail/ Enable POP for mail that arrives from now on option

Step 5: At the page bottom, click on Save Changes.

Immediately after setting IMAP/POP, change settings on your email client

Incoming Mail (IMAP) Server: Incoming Mail (POP) Server:

Requires SSL: Yes

Port: 993/ Port: 995 for POP

Outgoing Mail (SMTP) Server:

Requires SSL: Yes

Requires TLS: Yes (if available)

Requires Authentication: Yes

Port for SSL: 465

Port for TLS/STARTTLS: 587

(If you use Gmail with work/ school account, enter, then select Port 110 for POP)

Server timeouts  Greater than 1 minute (5 is recommended) for POP.

Full Name or Display Name: Enter your name

Account Name, User name, or Email address: Enter your full email address

Password: Enter your Gmail password

How IMAP/POP does work?

IMAP creates a copy of all your email stored on the server. When you implement ways to sync Gmail with Outlook / set up an email program like Thunderbird to access your email via IMAP, or connect your mobile device to email, the program simply displays what’s on the server.

A POP client session starts asking Gmail mailbox for a list of messages that haven’t been downloaded still. In POP normal mode, Gmail provides about 250 older messages that have not been downloaded). Once email message is downloaded, Gmail marks the message as ‘popped’.

Difference between IMAP and POP

Whenever IMAP downloads email, it just copies the email onto your system. The original email messages remains on the email server’s master repository. It just displays a copy of it on computer for your quick and easy access.

When POP downloads any email, on the other hand, it completely moves the email from the email server to your computer. And by default, whenever a download is complete, the email resides on PC to which it was downloaded initially.

Missing iPhoto Picture Recovery after Upgrading to Mac OS Sierra

Lost iPhoto pictures while upgrading to Sierra? There might be various reasons for missing iPhoto pictures from MacOS Sierra. Worried, how to get back those iPhoto pictures and other files after upgrading to Sierra? Well, here I’m providing you information on how to get back missing iPhoto pictures after upgrading to Mac OS Sierra in a simple way…

Yes! When files are lost after upgrading to Sierra, you will follow many tricks and search for various solutions to restore lost iPhotos pictures. Well, instead of worrying so much make use of Remo software which helps in retrieving missing iPhoto pictures in a secure manner after upgrading to Mac OS Sierra. This tool provides free demo version, so before purchasing the tool you can first evaluate the recovery results with the help of Preview option. After obtaining the recovery results, purchase the tool to save the recovered iPhoto pictures.

More about Remo Mac Data Recovery tool

During recovery, Remo Recover tool scans the entire Mac drive and easily retrieve missing iPhoto pictures after upgrading to MacOS Sierra in a secure way. Various photo formats such as BMP, GIF, TIFF, JPG, JPEG, etc. along with RAW image formats such as CR2, NEF, CRW, and so on are recovered with the help of this utility. This tool even supports the recovery of video clips, music files from various Mac devices.

  • The user-friendly interface lets any sort of users to perform data recovery without any hindrances
  • Lets you to arrange the recovered files according to the file attributes like file name, type, size and date
  • You can easily halt the recovery process by making use of Save Recovery Session feature which avoids rescanning of the entire drive
  • There is an inbuilt Find tool to locate the particular file from the recovered list
  • If the recovered files occupy the more disk space then compresse it to a ZIP archive.
  • Round the clock technical assistance is provided by well-trained support team which helps you to clear your queries related to the product.
  • Compatible with various Mac devices and Mac versions including EI Capitan

Remo Photo Recovery tool can be used in various situations such as:

  • If files are deleted accidentally and emptied from Trash folder.
  • Data loss due to hard drive corruption.
  • Loss of files due to the interruptions while transferring files from one system to another.
  • Loss of files due to the increase in the number of bad sectors on the drive.
  • Mistakenly formatting the drive or due to the occurrence of format error messages.
  • Operating system crash.

No matter whatever the reason behind data loss from Mac drive, you just need to download, install and run the tool to get back files in a span of minutes.

BlackBerry Is Back With KEYone: Android Phone with Innovative Keyboard

Here is the BlackBerry’s KeyOne efficient Android phone has physical keyboards along with the suite of secure apps. The company has tied up with Chinese company TCL to release Android phones under the name of BlackBerry. The phone is KeyOne which is traditional BlackBerry phone that is full of QWERTY keyboard. The TCL manufacturers were DTEK50 and DTEK60 which were supposed to release toward the end of 2016. It has been noticed that they carry the same software experience that includes BlackBerry Hub, the DETEK security app and the famed BlackBerry Messenger. This logic is applicable for KeyOne.

Talking about the pricing and availability…

Initially KeyOne was supposed to be arriving in April, but looks like we have to wait for longer period. Besides, the company has confirmed that the smartphone will be available in U.S. starting on May 31 along with the CDMA and GSM unlocked versions. The Sprint model will cost around $550 in US and will be available in both unlocked as well as various carriers.

The KeyOne don’t have premium tier processor and it is having premium tier screen size with 4.5 inch display and it doesn’t have a proven premium tier camera. Besides the BlackBerry KeyOne loses any cross comparison done in store and further it fails distribution agreements with carriers.

BlackBerry is brand which is almost big in terms of nostalgia which makes us remember the first model of BlackBerry. It was very basic, below average and odd shaped device.  Its speedy push email delivery and physical QWERTY made up all its activities to a rise. Talking about the youth crowd; they use to love free BlackBerry Messenger app touched text without looking. Well, there were mistakes that happened from the company like launching BlackBerry tablet, the Playbook without email on board.  Apart from all these facts, KeyOne is widely preferred by the loyal BlackBerry users and slowing it will boom.

Move Outlook 2010 Data to another Computer

Oh no again the same troubling situation, I am unable to move Outlook 2010 settings on my laptop computer. Have you faced such bothering situation?? Well, you might have read various articles and research a lot regarding how to copy Outlook 2010 data files onto another computer. But unfortunately you weren’t satisfied with the results because the copying process looks out to be quite complicated.

Don’t worry even though you feel moving Outlook 2010 data file as complicated, we will make it easy for you. All you need to do is have patience and take assistance of Remo Outlook Backup software for moving Outlook 2010 data file to new computer.

Here are your all Outlook 2010 files copied from old computer to new computer

The software is easy to use for moving entire Outlook attributes to another system without missing single information. It not only transfers emails to new system but also provides an option of exporting Outlook notes, signatures, settings, contact details, journal entries, rules, calendar in few clicks.

Remo Outlook Backup software has advanced algorithms along with customized backup that provides two options. Smart Backup includes backup of Outlook attributes like emails, journals, Outlook 2010 settings, and rest attributes from Outlook profile. Advanced Backup will allow you to select the required Outlook attributes and take backup of those attributes only. Whenever you are thinking how to move Outlook 2010 data file to new system it will restore the backup copy of your Outlook which holds your emails. Further, it will also help in restoring your mailbox which might have been crashed due to unexpected situations such as viruses, Outlook crash, PST file corruption etc. The application performs easy clarification on

Other Important Features

OS Support: The utility is compatible with various versions of operating system which consists of Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7 and server edition includes Windows 2003 and Windows 2008

Make use of Preview: You can view your restored files with the help of Preview Option. This option will allow you to view the files but you cannot save those files.  If you want to save those files then you have to purchase the licensed version

Tips to be followed:

  • Maintain distributed copy of your important emails in order to avoid any kind of data loss
  • Avoid abrupt termination of Outlook and when you are configuring Outlook profile, make sure that you follow proper steps while exiting the application


Retrieve Deleted Outlook 2007 Emails

While erasing some unwanted emails from Outlook 2007, have you deleted important ones? Well, when emails are deleted accidentally, first make sure whether they are present in Deleted Items Folder of Outlook. If yes, then you can get back emails using Restore option or just drag them back to PST file. But, what if the emails are emptied from Deleted Items Folder? Read this page to know about Outlook 2007 emails recovery in a simple way…

In this page, you will learn:

  • Solution to restore Outlook 2007 emails
  • Data loss scenarios where this PST Repair tool comes handy
  • Why this Outlook PST Repair tool is preferred?

Quick solution to get back deleted Outlook 2007 emails

If you are one among who is wondering, how can I recover deleted emails from Outlook 2007 easily then worry not; Remo software has come up with Outlook PST Repair tool which helps in retrieving deleted emails from Outlook 2007 in matter of minutes. This tool restores Outlook emails by keeping all its properties like To, Subject, CC, attachments etc. intact. Since it is a non-damaging and read-only tool, it recovers deleted mails without modifying it.

Apart from Outlook 2007 emails, its possible to restore other Outlook attributes such as contacts, tasks, calendar items, notes, journal entries, etc. from various Outlook versions like Outlook 2003, 2010, 2013, 2016 and so on. Works well with latest versions of Windows OS including Windows 10,  Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, etc.

Remo Outlook PST Repair tool can be used in the following scenarios:

  • To restore Outlook data after application crash
  • Fixes Outlook error message while working on it
  • If Outlook refuses to open or stops in middle working on it
  • To fix work offline issues
  • To restore Outlook data lost due to interruptions
  • To repair corrupt PST file
  • Helps in fixing indexing issues

Why Remo Repair Outlook (PST) tool?

  • Generates repaired PST file in 2003-2013 format for easy importing of Outlook data file.
  • Facilitates free trial version which helps users to evaluate the repaired results with the help of Preview option.
  • Besides, this application comes with easy to use interface so that even novice users can make use of this tool without any difficulty.
  • Not just recovery, this tool even helps in fixing highly encrypted or password protected PST files.
  • If you are aware of the corrupt PST file location, then this utility by scans the entire drive and locates PST file saved in the drive, just select the one that has to be repaired.
  • This software comes handy even if the Inbox Repair Tool fails to fix it.
  • Over-sized PST files can be fixed with the help of this tool.

Boost up Startup Speed Windows 8

Want to improve your Windows 8 startup speed which appears just like a new PC?

It is indeed true that we want our Windows 8 PC to run faster and in a smoother manner. But as we go on installing applications and other stuff, the performance of the Windows OS reduces which might be annoying at times. How to overcome such start-up issues and increase the performance of your Windows 8 PC? Just go on reading this page as you will get to know how it is done.

Well, this can be done with the assistance of Remo Optimizer software

Mostly we install ample of programs in our Windows 8 system and they are left running in the background. Due to this background processes; you may come across slow start up as it will be utilizing the processor. In order to make proper use of processor that will boost up overall system performance you need to make use of Remo Optimizer application.

In what way Remo Optimizer increases startup speed??

  • Remo Optimizer disables the unnecessary program from background, thus improving speed on Windows 8 PC
  • It has advanced scanning algorithms which identifies unwanted applications as well as simultaneously boost up speed in an effective manner
  • Sometimes, your hard drive fragmentation can also result into lacking system performance. Fragmentation means a single file that is scattered as many pieces across different places on your hard drive, Remo Optimizer does the work for you by fixing this issue
  • In order to understand how to increase boot speed Windows 8 with the help of handy steps provided by the software
  • Besides, drive defragmentation is also done by Remo Optimizer in couple of minutes
  • The software has simple interface that assists technical as well as novice users

Other Supported versions of OS:  The software supports not only Windows 8 but also other versions such as Windows 10, Windows 8.1, and Windows 7 in a secure way

Precautions that should be taken:
Update your Windows PC with an updated antivirus software

Try to upgrade RAM in order to speed up your computer. Since RAM is available cheaply

Keep a track of unused programs in order to get sufficient memory space for running other applications

Make a habit of clearing, cookies, browsing history, recent document history etc. from your computer



How to Clean Up My PC

Are you a computer user who has been experiencing low PC performance or if your programs are not responding?

As mentioned above, those scenarios really make you frustrated. If you are an expert user then you can detect and solve the issues related to PC performance but if you do have any idea on how to fix it then it’s really a big problem. In such situation, you have just to two options. i.e, Either, you have to live with the problems or consult someone to fix the issues.

Well, working with slow PC is a horrible thing. Thinking, how to optimize PC memory?

One of the reasons for the slow performance of a computer is the lack of RAM. For a program to run, it must be present in the main memory which is nothing but RAM. If the memory of RAM is less than the memory required by a program in RAM then you cannot run this program. In such case, by bringing the concept of virtual memory you can easily run that program but it results in decreasing the performance of the computer.

Hence, it is important to remove unnecessary programs from main memory so that more free memory will be available for the program that needs to run. This process of cleaning unnecessary data from RAM and secondary memory is termed as optimization of PC memory.

How to optimize memory of your PC?

You can free up memory space on your computer by deleting unnecessary files or folder from the hard drive. Avoid running many programs at a time, it consumes RAM memory space and divides it into small parts and hence it decreases the performance of the system. Minimize the programs that get loaded into memory automatically at the startup of PC. These are the things you can do manually to optimize memory space.

You can even follow manual steps to free up system memory but it takes lots of time and effort. Well, if you are worried how can I clean up my PC then Remo Optimizer tool comes handy. This Optimizer tool which even helps in improving system’s performance and helps any program run faster. Also, the tool helps any user in cleaning and optimizing memory of PC with its simple interface.

More about Remo Optimizer tool

This tool is built with robust and highly advanced algorithm that can easily perform memory optimization task. The simple user interface make it a handy and interactive. This Optmizer tool comes absolutely free of cost. It can solve all type of PC performance issues. It gives step by step guide to the user to carry out memory optimization task. With MORE software you can schedule PC to perform memory optimization process on a regular basis.

iMac Data Recovery Software

Generally users will ask how to recover data from iMac? Is there any solution that will recover data from iMac hard drive without missing any of the files? You have landed on the right page as we do provide simple step solution which is achieved with Remo Recover Mac software.

Point to Remember: In order to perform effective recovery, you have to stop using the drive from where you have lost data. This will avoid overwriting of deleted or lost files

In what way Remo Recover Mac performs iMac data recovery?

Remo Recover software will guide you to recover deleted or lost files from iMac machines without any difficulty. You can make use of Remo Recover Mac application to retrieve data from MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, and Mac Mini etc. with utmost ease. With this application you can rescue images, videos, text documents, Spreadsheets, games and other files as well.

The tool comes handy for restoring deleted data and emptied from Mac Trash. Further the recovered data can be sorted on the basis of file name, file type, file signature etc. Apart from this, the utility recovers files from inaccessible and RAW partitions on Mac. It also supports Mac partition recovery from various partitions like FAT16, FAT32, HFS+ and HFSX etc. Besides, the tool provides provision for viewing files in Mac Finder styled interface.

Here are few customized options:

OS Support: The software supports from Mac Mavericks, Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion, Leopard, Lion etc. with complete ease.

Easy Recovery Process: This utility enables Save Recovery Session and Open Recovery Session options wherein you can pause and resume recovery process at any time without having to rescan the drive

Recover data from all storage media: You can recover data from hard drives and external hard drives (SCSI, SATA, IDE, and SSD etc.), memory cards such as XD, SD, CF, memory sticks, iPods, FireWire drive and external USB drives.

Preview before Saving: You can view the recovered files before restoring it along with easy steps to get back iMac data. This is done with the Preview option which allows you to check the recovered files

How you can avoid data loss from iMac?

  • We recommend you to maintain additional backup copy on external storage devices
  • Don’t keep your crucial files on desktop
  • Whenever you are deleting files from iMac, make sure that those files are no more required
  • Don’t frequently convert the Mac file system

Data Loss or Data Deletion Scenarios from iMac:

When you are viewing your files on iMac, you may notice that there are some unwanted files. In order to delete those unwanted files you may use Shift + Command + Delete. Thereafter, you recognized that during this process you have mistakenly selected few important files. This results into data loss situations

There are situations wherein your files get erased from iMac due to unintentional formatting of volume

If you terminate your iMac improperly then it may result into file system corruption. Since the file system is corrupted you cannot access files from your Mac system; thus resulting loss of data





Retrieve Files after Quick Format

Are you in the similar kind of situation wherein you mistakenly performed quick format without taking backup of your important files? Now that you want to recover lost files after quick format, you might be searching for handy solution in order to get back those files without any difficulty. This article will tell you secure way to perform quick format recovery with Remo Recover software.

Remember: Stop using the drive when you come across data loss situation as using the particular drive even after data loss might cause overwriting of existing data which causes difficulty in recovery process

About Remo Recover: Quick Format Recovery

Remo Recover software scans the entire drive in order to look for files that are lost after quick format thus restoring them in couple of minutes. If you perform quick format by mistake, due to error messages or during reinstalling OS then don’t worry Remo Recover will retrieve data with utmost ease. Apart from that, the application will easily recover data from storage devices such as pen drive, external hard drive after quick format on latest version of Windows and Macintosh.

The software recovers lost data from RAID0, RAID1 and RAID5 partitions which has been formatted or deleted. Further it also facilitates recovery of data from SATA / SCSI / IDE hard drives, HFS, HFSX formatted volumes as well as other external storage devices. Besides, sometimes data lost due to partitioning errors can also be recovered easily.

After completing the recovery process, you can add / edit new signatures for files that are not listed. Thereafter you can sort the recovered files on the basis of name, date, size and file type. It is having the option of Find Tool which can be used to find files from recovered data list

Features of Remo Recover Software

  • It will identify and recover up to 300 file types including documents, spreadsheets, email archive, zip archives and other files based on unique signatures
  • Recovers data deleted from Recycle Bin or by using Shift Delete command
  • Preview Option can be used to view the recovered files prior to data restoration
  • Save Recovery Session is used to pause recovery session to avoid rescanning of entire drive
  • Simple user interface undo quick format along with stepwise guidance for software installation
  • Technical help is available round the clock for handling queries associated to software

What makes you to perform Quick Format?

When you are accessing your drive and you notice that you are getting pop up notifications that forced you to format in order to access the data from the drive

Sometimes, you may reinstall the operating system in order to resolve unnecessary issues related to your OS can also make you to perform quick format

Many times, we accidentally quick format a partition or drive instead of some other drive that results into data loss situations

Here are tips that will assist you in data loss situations

It is recommended that you should cross check your important files before performing format operation

Take backup copy of your files onto other storage devices in order to avoid loss of important data

How to Restore Deleted or Lost Music Files from USB

Most of us make use of USB drive while transferring music files from one system to another. Like always last week when you were transferring some of your favorite music from USB drive to your PC, suddenly there was a problem in the drive that occurred due to severe virus attack. As a result all the data including music files present in your USB drive was lost even then i was not worried much!!! Since, one of my friend suggested me a recovery software known as Remo Recover using which the recovery of music files from USB hard drive was effortless. If you have lost any for your music due to USB flash drive then don’t stress much because you are in the right page to know more about the recovery process in order to overcome the above problem.

USB hard drive is one of the storage devices that has universal Serial Bus interface. The main use of this is to store and retrieve data. All the personal computers, laptops and many other electronic devices support USB hard drive by proving USB ports to connect them.

Some the scenarios due to which the music present in USB hard drives goes missing /deleted are:

  • Improper ejection of USB hard drive

Whenever there is a need to transfer music files or data from USB hard drive to any of the system, they should be connected using USB ports. In the middle of the process or after the completion, the drive should be removed by using Safe Removal Hardware option. If in case it is removed abruptly that causes the music file loss

  • Unreliable third party tools

Any operating system allows its user to install any number of applications from any unknown websites or devices. If any application is not free from virus during the transfer process it gets spread to the USB hard drive and there will be music loss.

  • Sudden power failure

Since the computer is an electronic device it should always need a power to work. During the process of exchanging some of the data from computer to USB hard drives, if there is a sudden power loss. The system gets automatically shut down and there results incomplete data transfer and results in music loss situation

When you come across any above discussed scenario, first thing you will think is how do I restore music from USB drive. But, with Remo Recover it is easy and secure to restore music from USB.

Easy to understand features of Remo Recover

Remo Recover is one the optimal software that can be utilized to get back the lost or deleted music files from USB hard drives. It has the capacity to scan the whole volume to regain the lost music very quickly. The files deleted from trash due to exceeded size can also be retrieved. The simple user interface present in the tool helps the less technical knowledge people also to install and make use of the software. The feature called Find tool can be used to locate the lost music from large list of data. Facilitates with 24*7 technical support that can used by you at any time. Trial version is available for free so that the users can evaluate the effectiveness in advance. The tool is compatible on all the latest versions of both Windows and Mac operating systems.